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President: Major Don Charles..           Chairman: Tony Floyde.

Temporary Treasurer : Major Don Charles.   Secretary: Dermot Kenny.   

The Committee was voted into office at the AGM on 5th July 2017

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Latest Events

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Upcoming  Events

May :-           Happy Wanderer

June 7th:-      June Meeting

June 17th:-     Waterloo  Dinner (Black Tie)

TBC:-              Annual Clay Shoot Deferred

July 5th:-       July Meeting & AGM

July 30th:-   Annual Games Day

Oct 29th:-    Annual Lunch

Dec 6th:-    Christmas Party

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House Div Colours

Past Events

Waterloo Bicentennial Dinner.   By Dermot Kenny

The Club held its third annual Waterloo Dinner on Saturday 17th June, unfortunately someone at division HQ overlooked the clash of dates and scheduled the Queen’s Birthday Parade for the same day.  In its usual calm way, the club decided to ignore this oversight and rather than cause a fuss carry on as scheduled, in fact we sent our usual delegation to keep an eye on things at the parade.  So, with less numbers than usual we formed our square at the Cedars Hotel and carried on.

The food was as good and plentiful as ever and the reduced numbers made for a more intimate evening, but with enough dinner jackets and posh frocks to create the appropriate atmosphere. As the coffee was being served who should appear but old Bony himself to give the club his version of events in 1815. Not only that but hot on his heels came the Duke of Wellington and old Marshal Blucher who both turned up in order to chase him away again, it seems old habits die hard.  I my-self miss this enthralling confrontation due to an urgent phone call.

After all the excitement Allan Manning, who is fast becoming the club’s resident expert on the bat-tle gave a really informative and interesting talk on the evolution of the uniforms worn by the Guards Regiments at Waterloo and managed not to tread on too many Regimental toes.  As usual a raffle was held and the star prise of a bottle of Napoleon brandy and a box of Belgian chocolates was won by Richard and Pauline. A pleasant evening then drew to a close some of us retired to the bar and others to their homes. There are a few pictures on the following page.  As we were going to press we received this letter from our illustrious guest – it seems he enjoyed the evening too!!


N Bonaparte

The Governors House

St Helena

South Atlantic

Hello to all members of the Colchester Guards Club,

Just like the invitation to your annual dinner, your letter of appreciation and thanks for my magnanimous and exciting appearance at your Mont St. Jean dinner has clearly been censored by the British Authorities, no doubt at the instigation of the Duke of Wellington. But I made it anyway in order to let you share in my, well in my glory!

Ahh ladies how wonderful for you to see me at last- and so close up!!!

I know how much you all appreciated my words of wisdom on BREXIT and other matters, and if you feel you need some 'strong and stable govern-ment' feel free to call on me.

N Bonaparte  

Emperor retired